Dani Girl (A Musical for Awareness & Entertainment)

13 Players / Geyer Performing Arts Education Department Present

Dani Girl

Music by Michael Kooman
Book & Lyrics by Christopher Dimond

Dani-sickFri, Oct 2 & Sat, Oct 3 2015, @7:30pm
Geyer Performing Arts Center
Scottdale, Pa.


FREE ADMISSION for Cancer Survivors

A tale of life in the face of death,
Hope in the face of despair,
And the indomitable power of the human imagination!

Director’s Note: DANI GIRL began as the thesis show of two Carnegie Mellon graduate students, Michael Kooman & Christopher Dimond, in 2007, and premiered professionally in 2011. Dimond drew inspiration for the script from his young nephew’s battle with cancer, wondering, as he worked, if the cancer experience was really a good idea for a musical.

Turns out it’s a wonderful idea: We have all faced obstacles and adversity in our lives, be it medical or other, and DANI GIRL inspires us to face them with determination, creativity, and a sense of humor– to transcend our circumstances instead of being ruled by them. This performance is especially dedicated to those who’ve faced cancer (& their caretakers), but we hope our hard work makes this show meaningful & memorable for all. Thanks for being part of its Westmoreland County debut!

Leigh Anne Jerz, Director

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